My Daydream Fantasy (redundant?)


I can’t think properly
My eyes want to sleep and take some rest
But I told them to stay awake,
Because my work wasn’t finish yet.

Still, they persist to close little by little
Telling me that they surrender
They can’t handle the pressure anymore
And I can handle the stress no more.

Even though my mind says ‘work!’
My body reminds me to stop and relax
Suddenly, I stop typing…
And start imagining…

My mind kept on flashing memories
Starting from my childhood years
My firsts, award, reprimand, kiss and crush
Everything seems so real
Until the moment you entered to my reminiscin’

It was only you and me
Exchanging stories, laughing loudly
Extraordinary, much like fantasy
A dream that become a reality
A moment that I want to live ‘til eternity

Suddenly a voice came over me
Telling me to wake up in my fancy
I perfunctorily open my eyes
And I realized, that I fell asleep
In front of my computer, what a dream!


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