Web Designing 101


Naku, I’m getting busier every day.

I am starting to learn website designing courtesy of my officemate.

Duh! It’s complicated! you’ve got to memorize lots of terms and web languages (if that’s what you call that)
But despite of all the blood that came out my nose, I’m still eager to learn and know the nitty-gritty of the subject.

WEB DESIGNING 101–haha…here I come!!!


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  1. i can still remember my first day in web development, i read an entire html book page to page, cover to cover. you can do it if you’re that interested. good luck to you (and to your mentor)!

    • hello kuya!! harhar…san ka po nag-aral ng web devt? may alam po ba kayo na nag-ooffer ng lessons about web devt malapit sa manila saka yung kaya lang po ang tuition? i’m planning to enroll po…\m/

  2. HMnhp. (courtesy of my office mate.)????
    You Havent even introduced me as your sensei…
    you dissapointed me!!! hahaha…Juz kidding!!! HEHE!!!
    Prepare yourself for our next lesson…

    I about to teach you HOW to use LINKS!!! yehey!!! :))

    • wahahaha…suri naman sir dudez…hekhek..dinudugo pa nga ako sa rowspan at colspan..nakanangteteng yan…ndi ko pa maaus..!! ahmpf…aion…basta, i’m ready for all the challenges..!! groooooooowllllllll………!!!!!!!!!! \m/

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