Im falling in love…


With a girl…

Hahaha…Would you believe it? I can’t believe it myself!

I don’t think that I will be feeling this way again. The last time I experienced this kind of emotion is when I was in my College days. Yeah. I experienced this before.

I remember it was Abby, a friend of my classmate in College that I really admired most. She was so pretty and modest. I always suffer from heart attack everytime she visits her friends at our room. And I can’t hide that feeling from my friends because they notice that I am blushing everytime Abby’s around.

Haha. Are you thinking I’m some kind of a lesbian? Damn, no! I am 100% sure about my personality.

Sad truth, Abby got pregnant from her boyfriend before we both graduated. And it is noticeable enough when she’s wearing their uniform (she’s a nursing student while I belong to the Mass Comm herd). But despite of that catastrophe in her life, she remained beautiful and she even become a model of our college graduation pictures!

Nah, I missed her. Really. Til I met this girl from our office.

She’s a newbie. I’m a year senior to her. At first, I didn’t notice her beauty because she looks arrogant when you look at her. Then I chanced upon her at the elevator. I don’t think if fate brings us there. It’s just the two of us. She broke the silence when she asked me this silly question:

“Ate, may tinda bang napkin sa 7th?”

I answered her diligently, “Oo ata, kaya lang per pack ata dun, walang retail.”

Then she replied, “Ay ganun? Ok lang.”

Then we parted ways.

And until now, I am always waiting for her to pass by our department, since our department is near the hallway which everyone passes through. And I am confident that I will see her, everyday.


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