One last day…


Looks like the weather weeps with me (or with Madam Cory?) I dunno.

It’s my last day at the office and I tried to be happy for them to bounce back the positive energy. And I can feel from them that they will truly miss a person like me. (who am I BTW? Harhar)

I received a SpongeBob stuffed toy from one of my closest friends on our team. I was kinda overwhelmed than sad, because I feel the love, plus the effort. I really appreciate that.

My first KFC snackbox, and strawberry banana krushers, a goodbye treat from one of my ‘ate’s’ at the office. I almost took a picture of it. So even though I didn’t keep the box of it, I can still keep the memories of it to be treasured and remembered.

I really don’t want moments like these—goodbyes.

I will really miss them all. The laughter, the tears, the struggle, and even the most stressful moments that we’ve encountered in the office. The never ending talks and chats, and our rebuts and comments from the so-so persons in the office (well, I think that’s a natural scenario). The different styles that we invent just to steal a nap, how we escape from tiring tasks and requests, duh, I will really miss those parts.

Well. All will grow, change and must move on. So do I. I will really miss you comrades!

As for now, goodbye seems to be the hardest word. But I’m still here. Alive and kicking. I just transferred, but I still persists.


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