English…this time…


Nakakalungkot. Nung nakita ko kung kailan pa ang huling post ko sa sarili kong mundo, nalulungkot ako. Parang itong isang ito.


He tried his best. But no one noticed.
He stayed calm, even though the situation is so irritating.

He only wants to be somewhere close, to be somebody’s company.
But it seems like he doesn’t fit.

In fact, he allow them to make him look STUPID.
Yes, I have seen him cry, hear him weep, afar from the crowd.
Far from the eyes of the people who keeps on belittling his ability.

He’s also a man. Vulnerable to the words that those people speak of him.
He tried to be strong, but those words…looks like those hurting words damage his system.

He kept on asking ‘why?’ but there’s no answer.

I pity him. But that’s not what I think he needs now.

He needs a friend. Someone who can appreciate his simple talents and help him hasten his craft.

Someone who will laugh with him of how bullshit he was, but give advice afterwards.

Someone who will not treat him as a man, but a person who also commit mistakes.

Someone who will accept him, no matter how stupid he become.

Well in fact, we have our own faults and stupidity.

We all, have undergone and still undergoing through what this ‘man’ that I am talking about is experiencing at this moment.

And I hope, after we have experienced this, we all become that ‘someone’ who will help that ‘man’ to stand up despite every fall.


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