The one million dollar question?


Will you marry me?

Well, I just witness a “will you marry me?” moment. Later I have realized, it’s just a show. At first, there’s this lively magician who keep on doing tricks and amazing the crowd. Until he asked for a volunteer from the crowd. I, uhm, want to volunteer, but there’s a certain rule for anyone who want to volunteer, he must be ‘guwapo’ daw, and duh, I’m not that kind.

Waiting what’s next to be done, the magician then ask the ‘guwapo’ volunteer to wear a ventriloquist mask, and I find it more amazing than the usual ventriloquist man that we used to have (ung tipong halata na ung magician talaga ang nagsasalita before? It’s different from that).

After the ventriloquist show, he then asked the ‘guwapo’ if he do have a girlfriend. And sure he have. The magician then asked the girlfriend to step up on stage to join her boyfriemd for another set of magic tricks.

He then get his magic bag and told the ‘guwapo’ to say the magic word. And he said, ‘I Love You’ to the girl. And that’s the magic word. The magician asked the girl to get what’s inside the bag. And amazed that she was, she got an engagement ring!

She then give the ring to the guy and the guy knelt to the floor and aim for the big ‘YES!’ of his girl. I was really in tears until the couple dance and I realized, it was only a show. Ampf.


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