Life Sentence


I am a prisoner in this cage
Where I can call my own place
There were many that come and go
But me? I’ll stay, you should know.

I’ll be here all around
When you feel like falling off the ground
I’ll turn my head up and watch you fly
Soar around that big blue sky

I’ll walk by you during cold night
Guard you, protect you with all my might
Sealed with this feeling that I lay for you
What I get in return? I really don’t know.

What shall I do? I do love you
God knows how I like to kill it too
It hurts when you fall for someone
And nobody cares, do they? Anyone?

Will the geniuses come to discover a pill?
Do wizards have that miracle spell?
Do gods and goddesses care to tell
How you and me, in love we both fell?

I’ll just sit here watching you
How you laugh, cry, and share stories too
I’d love to be with you ’til my life is through
Help me please, all of these come true.



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