Season of Fall


It’s autumn again
Leaves scattered everywhere
As my memories also shattered
Carefully I walk around.
As far as I remember
I gave my heart
Just to let it tore apart
Unforgivable, I should say.
Time flies, leaves fall
Til it decorated the road
Beautiful golden color
Do they belong to the ground?
Profoundly I think
Should I ? Should I?
I am now in the summit
Shouldn’t let myself sink.
I am strong
I know where I belong
I deserve to be happy
Get lost you fool. Crazy.
Curve in my face
Deep, loud laugh
Re-establishing myself
Inhale, exhale.
Who are you by the way?
Turn me down and walk away?
You’re wrong, oh so wrong
I feel perfect all along.
I feel the rush of blood
Flowing freely through my veins
I’m free, oh yes! I’m free
You gotta get out of my way.
And so it happens,
The last leaf of the maple tree fall
It solely dances gracefully with the wind
Swaying slow, it reached the ground.
It’s autumn in me again.

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